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The constantly evolving automotive aftermarket is at the heart of NAPA’s business.

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With the advent of electric vehicles (EVs), NAPA has set itself apart by creating a complete ecosystem centered around NAPA High Voltage.

The different components of this interconnected, collaborative ecosystem ensure the availability of quality spare parts, specialized work tools, adapted equipment, cutting-edge training and support for EV maintenance and repair professionals.

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Customized training for ev aftermarket professionals

With our tailored, scalable training offerings, every professional can find the training that suits them best

Ev skills development, that’s napa know-how!

Access ev technical support

From in-depth knowledge to technical advice, electric vehicles : that’s napa know-how!

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Use the safety data sheets to find the spare parts you need to maintain and repair electric vehicles.


The power of a productive, committed community

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Join the dynamic community of the hub

Join the dynamic community of the hub, where electric vehicle professionals gather to share experiences, exchange innovative ideas and discuss the latest industry trends.

The discussion forum offers a space dedicated to collaboration and mutual learning.

Let’s shape the future of our industry together.

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Connecting experts from across the country, that’s napa know-how!

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EV News
Issue 12
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In Brief
Stay on the cutting edge

In the dynamic world of electric vehicles, staying on top of trends and developments is essential for maintenance and repair professionals.

Explore exclusive news. Technology updates and sector-specific advice, all designed to strengthen your service delivery in this fast-moving field.

EV News
Issue 12

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