EV Certification

A world in motion

The constant evolution of technologies and the arrival of a new generation of vehicles, notably electric vehicles, require increased specialized knowledge for the automotive industry professionals in spare parts, maintenance and repair.

A significant challenge for industry professionals:

Possess the knowledge!

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Male and female students looking at car engine

The program offers pathways tailored to different jobs, such as:

Technical Advisors

3 modules


Automotive Technicians

175 h


Parts Specialists

3 modules


Car Hood Traffic Cone

Each of these pathways includes several levels.

At the end of each level, the professional will be invited to complete a formative assessment and in certain pathways, an exam that could lead to a recognized certification. At the end of his course, the professional will be equipped to effectively advise clients and in the case of a technician, to maintain, diagnose and repair electric vehicles.

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