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EV Training/Certification

A world in motion

The constant evolution of technologies and the arrival of a new generation of vehicles, notably electric vehicles, require increased specialized knowledge for the automotive industry professionals in spare parts, maintenance and repair.

A significant challenge for industry professionals:

Possess the knowledge!

NAPA High Voltage

The NAPA Electric Vehicle Training and Certification Program answers the development needs of the various professionals in the automotive industry.

The program offers courses adapted to different professions, such as :

  • Service advisors - Automotive Service Centres
  • Technicians - Automotive Service Centres
  • Parts specialists - NAPA Auto Parts Stores

Following the curriculum, the professional can advise customers and for automotive technicians to maintain, diagnose and repair electric vehicles. Each of these streams includes several levels. The NAPA EV Training and Certification Program will assess each participant by conducting a formative evaluation at the end of each level. In some cases, an exam can lead to a recognized certification.

NAPA High Voltage
NAPA High Voltage

EV skills development: Know-How!

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